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Shared enjoyment, often at Snetterton, Norfolk U.K. and nearby where enthusiasts meet. 

Initially, it was owner & driver Rob Moody with his brother and track adversary Mark Moody in their MG Spridgets having fun. Thereafter, it was the herculean efforts and deep pockets over many hours turning a project Turner MKII car into a fully prepared racing car; under the watchful eye of 750 M.C. stalwart and Turner racer, Robin Knight who had restored his already! 

With reclusive - Andrew Whittaker and ultra shy - EDITOR DE LA GRASA жира редактора supporting.  

And much appreciation to Euan Macpherson of Crisp Malting Group, (Anglia Maltings),Great Ryburgh, Norfolk and their timely sponsorship over the years.  


"I'd like to help you out - which way did you come in?" -- Robin K, Team Principal Supremo & Race Admin, former Competition Secretary 750 Motor Club et al; near Diss, Norfolk. The Best of the Best Men.

"Just an excuse for a drink really!"  -- (edited) Mark M, THE Racer & Property Developer, Somewhere in Slovenia.

"... I'm busy now, can I ignore you some other time?" -- Martin W, Engineer & Harleston's Cultural Attache.

"The older I get the faster I was...!" -- Rob M, 

THE Racing Driver & Logistics Manager, near Cromer, Norfolk.

"HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER...?!" -- Richard P, Chief Mechanic F1, Oxon and er Worldwide.

 "This Website is's taken me days to look at everything" -- Andrew W, Mr Cool, Alloa, Scotland.

"If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong." -- Andrew C, Salesman, anywhere in East Anglia (plus VAT).  

"What you Guys need is some young blood..." -- Henry R, Karting Champion *, somewhere on the horizon.

"Thanks for what you do and have done..." -- George W, another great man with figures, Bath University.

 'It's like sex-when it's good-it's great.  When it's bad-it's still pretty good...' -- Derek, Manager (on hols, again)



Many thanks to Mark Whyberd's Brother Martin who has shared his photos with us and has been terrific.

And to his nephew and Mark's son, George who is his own Man and in contact with us on this ongoing tribute. 

We are stunned and would like to say Thank you to all of Kerry's family too.   

The Future is in the new Karting section : - Henry Riley & George Whyberd. 

Only an online scrapbook really...! - is in memory of Mark Whyberd 

About Us

A group of friends who come together to enjoy cars and each other's company.

As did our late pal Mark who died of a heart attack some years ago but is forever young and fondly

remembered ( see ' Our Friends ' ).  

 The H R T F1 & MARUSSIA F1 pages show our support for Richard Pegram, Chief Mechanic and his pit crew teammates in F 1 in the near past - now at #ManorWEC

Rich at Manor WEC et al see:  



Manor Racing F1 Fanbases on Facebook & @4Mark1 on Twitter

Rich Pegram & crew at MANOR WEC (Silverstone)April 2017


                                                   Awaiting engine #tweaks - 

                 source: engine supremo Robin Knight on behalf of Rob (Max Power) Moody...

Old #SPU is back - Andrew's Land Rover series one 80'' still costing but still going...!

Rich and marussia-f1.php pit crew 

also see

Classics at Collen Baker's Walsham le Willows garden party...

 Mark Moody somewhere the other side of Diss, Norfolk possibly Slovenia


see archives.php & turner-mk-2.php : Steve Panter


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Photo : Tom Clark

Mr Cool Andrew W... and his postcard from Scotland!

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