ForMark Racing

Mark Moody and Babs, somewhere abroad Summer 2014

 Rob , Andrew and our late friend , Mark pictured in 1992  - (camera was wrong)

The late MARK



Tom's VW March 2012

More photos of Robin and his Turners in the BROOM CUPBOARD at ' More Friends '

RACING for Robin and Rob was important as all other sports only required one ball ...  

The elusive Andrew W . selling er ... scotch

Mr. Whittaker


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 MARK mastered the  new sport at the time of ROOF-SLEDGING with his own Austin Mini 1275GT & Triumph TR7 Sports...

                                                                           ...alas his Dad's Chrysler Alpine was rolled by mistake!

Mark's Scrapbook by Martin Whyberd 

Mark's favourite film, character/actor & quote at the time was 'Apocalypse Now' with Robert Duvall as Lt. Col. Kilgore; and he saw it five (5) times at the cinema before video & dvd in 1979-1980: - '...I love the smell of Napalm in the morning...'




' Voici la nouvelle au place de Kings Lynn Tech ...' 

The local in 1979 - THE WOOLPACK, Tennyson Avenue, Kings Lynn, Norfolk - so we didn't go far as it was next door ...  

Except Mark & Rob were Gaywood Hostelry types who preferred the one nearer to them as it was within staggering distance

                                                                at THE SPREAD EAGLE - sadly no more in existence ! 

How Andrew saw himself ... 

 And what he had become ...