ForMark Racing


F O R M U L A 4 (Ex- Damon Hill) Rob at Mallory Park 1999 

The Moody ' s shopping trolley 


The fastest driver you'll ever meet in a parked car 

photo : Classic & Sports Car 

Nephew Joshua Clark and Joseph of Locog C & W Zone 6 LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 Basketball Arena August - Excellent venue and people ! 

Keith & Andrew had American Muscle Cars Ltd in 2006 : renovating 1967 Ford Mustangs 

with new 500bhp engines in ELEANOR - ' Gone in 60 seconds ' spec . Photoshoot  ( below ) .


AMCL Shelby Mustang Snetterton 2012.titles.wmv AMCL Shelby Mustang Snetterton 2012.titles.wmv
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Jo's  ' Honourable Sir Bertie ' -  a 1948 Bentley with Harry Rose coachwork crafted in the U. S. A.  

Here with the vendor who was having second thoughts ... Bonhams Auctions , Hendon Aircraft Museum , London 2012 .

Will you look at the size of the Lucas P100 Lamps and those whitewalls - also a burbling 4 . 5 litre under there !

Jeremy Wigglesworth and his lovely TVR S; Norfolk 2012 

SPU 965 at Ivan Chubbock's Garage, Shipdham in Norfolk.  Genius engineer, Paul Chubbock  ( far below ) has a Model T & cheaper to run ...

Andrew's brother Paul, and his splendid Lotus Esprit Turbo. His third...( ! ) 


This man GRANDFATHER MOODY is clearly to blame (albeit for now, here in the back seat) ... just look at the early fat tread tyres, driving lamps and short shift stick for the driver and look at his right foot feathering the throttle - certainly not the brake unless 'heel & toe' - another hereditary condition !

                                                                                                         Never had an accident but caused thousands...

 And Grandfather Herbert Moody on the left, we hope in fancy dress here, with similar cheek bone and striking features, see his Nephews below .


' Sorry I was late - I couldn 't stop driving around the block ... ! '