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Ferrari running gear for Marussia F1 2014 

An Old Midget engine circa 1972 ; a Fergsuon Tractor about 1951 ; and a special workshop in SHED 2 Oakley , Norfolk sometime in 2011 

 a SPRIDGET engine being prepared by Mr Robin Knight for Mr Rob Moody

Engine Capacity : 1347 cc Block : Pre - crossflow 1500 cc block , rebored to 82 . 5 mm and fitted with ' square '  main caps ;  source : Robin Knight.   

 New Chamber Shape

 Mr . Knight , the creator & engineer

Mr . Knight  , engine builder with Mr Moody , the client  and close friend 

SPECIFICATION of  Midget (Spridget) Engine October 2012 by Robin Knight : -

 73.5 mm rebore on a standard 1275 stroke , giving a capacity of 1380 c.c.


It runs Omega pistons with 11 c.m. dish;


Compression ratio is 12 : 1;


Carburation  is a 45 DHLA Dellorto with (currently) 38 m.m. chokes 

- these may be changed when the engine is set up on the Dyno;


Ignition is an Aldon distributor (red).

Old - fashioned points have been retained at the request of the customer (Rob).


Cylinder head has 35.5 m.m. inlet valves and 31 m.m. exhaust valves, fitted to hardened  valve seat inserts.


Combustion chamber capacity is 15.3 m.m.  on 1, 3 & 4;

2 is 16c.c. to reduce the common detonation problems known on that 'pot' in an 'A' series engine;


Colisbri valve guides are fitted;


 Camshaft is a Kent 285SP (scatter pattern) cam machined from a blank;

 TEASER : Spridget or Mini Engine ?

 ' D O R I S ' ; Narain Karthekeyan ' s Cosworth engine for HRT F1 as prepared by Richard Pegram and pit crew engineers for the Abu Dhabi GP 2012.