ForMark Racing

T U R N ER  Mk I I 

The lost weekends for a Turner ... this garage, and the lock-up workshop in Diss with the famous shed 2 in Oakley (soon with a ForMark Heritage Plaque) .

150 BHP @ 7500 revs on a fresh FORD 1340cc engine with LOTUS pistons etc breathed on by Brian Randell engineers with Rob & Robin, of course !

      Former College pals dept : Andrew Clark in the finished racer awaiting detail at a former Crisp Malting in Diss sometime in 2000;

Our mutual desire always to honour Mark Whyberd but always Rob's car and project - and trust him to have a winning finish everytime !

Andrew, Rob and Robin 750 Motorclub Dinner Awards 2002 

N E C  Autosport Show 2001 with Robin Knight on the 750 Motor Club Stand 

Sponsorship by CRISP MALTING GROUP ( Anglia Maltings ) , Great Ryburgh , Norfolk was arranged by Managing Director , Euan Macpherson ,

                  ( below ) at an important time and was so much appreciated. And their logo & wording worked well too ( see above ) !     


                                                                             Rob and Robin with stripped out Turner at SHED 2 Norfolk, April 2012  

All fab photos by CJM PHOTOGRAPHY; Chris McEvoy of

                                                                       And you have to ask : How on earth did they both do it ?  Rob & Robin - amazing ! 

A stunned Rob - had he forgotten ? - with another daunting task ahead ... Spridget first eh !  Please note : Late Summer 2012 .

                                                                                                                 Photo : ' KING ROBIN



a great sleepy GARAGE in February 2013  Norfolk U.K.